Town and Country Tyres - Trucks Rims & Agricultural Wheels

View our complete range of Truck Rims and Agricultural Wheels including Fixed Centre and Adjustable Row Crop Wheels.


Truck Rims

We're proud to offer both demountable and ten-stud Jantsa wheels at outstanding rates!


Agricultural Wheels

We can supply your very own purpose-built wheels to 6, 8, 10 or 12 stud specifications. Also available: European and American tyres and wheels to suit every application.


Row-crop Tyres & Wheels

We stock a complete range of row-crop tyres and wheels suitable for tractors and machinery.  Choose from 12" to 54" diameter wheels capable of working to your unique specifications.


Our range of wheels include:

Adjustable Wheels: superior in strength and versatility.  Can be set to multiple track settings.


Fixed Centre Wheels: the strongest, they are engineered for many specific applications.


For further information on our range of Wheels please contact the friendly team at Town & Country Tyres on 02 6953 7711 or email us!