Town and Country Tyres – Services Available


If ever our customers find themselves in need of our services, but are unable to bring their vehicle in to one of our workshops, we can send out our highly-equipped service trucks and experienced personnel to their premises and perform onsite tyre and rim repairs.

We’ll have you up and moving in no time!

In the event of a tyre or wheel failure, Town & Country Tyres is your best friend!  We understand the pressure we’re all under to keep to a schedule, so we’re here to make sure you don’t lose any more time, effort or money than is absolutely necessary.  Not only will we come straight to your premises, but we can carry out tyre and wheel replacement and/or repair on the exact spot where you experienced difficulties.  There’s no need to try and move your vehicle and risk further problems.


When changing tyres or rims, attention to detail is paramount.  If the tyre and wheel assembly is not fitted properly inside the wheel arch, it could cause serious problems regarding handling and engine strain.

Therefore, the original circumference and operation of the wheel and tyre must be maintained, which is why we have extensive knowledge of rim and tyre sizes to make sure size compensation is calculated properly. Contact a professional to ensure your tyre conversion is completed correctly!


Town & Country Tyres is dedicated to providing professional wheel repair services to agricultural customers.  We also custom design wheels to suit your unique requirements; whether it’s a complete custom wheel configuration or wheel reinforcement, our team performs both small & complex modifications. Maximising the efficiency and productivity of machinery to ensure you get top quality results is a key focus in the solutions we offer.

Quality Control – before being released for delivery, every one of our products undergoes quality control checks.  Manufactured wheels are re-measured to ensure compliance with client orders.

Finishing – our wheels are professionally blasted, etch undercoated and finished with quality 2pak paint in the colour of your choice.

The products we use to repair or replace are of the utmost quality and are made to last.  If you’ve been held up because of a poor quality product, don’t lose heart.  After a visit from us, you needn’t worry any longer.  We use only the best brands to provide peace of mind.

If you have a ruptured tyre, a damaged wheel or failed wheel system, do not hesitate to call upon our services and request a repair.  Call us today on 1800 686 828 and we will arrange for a service engineer to come to your aid immediately.  Keep moving, keep producing and keep earning with Town & Country Tyres!